A Tale of 3 1/2 Churches (and a Pub!)

Having been inspired by the interest in the post I wrote about going to church, last week's Sunday drive found us exploring some of the beautiful churches to be found in our local area. Red Car, blue sky, green grass, yellow flowers... lovely colours. Who'd have thought a few hours later it'd be snowing!  With… Continue reading A Tale of 3 1/2 Churches (and a Pub!)

Old Memorials (Lens Artists Photo Challenge)

Although this isn’t a photo blog, photography is an interest of mine, therefore I thought I'd try my hand at the weekly 'lens-artists photo challenge', but with the added twist of still trying to tie it into the adventures and travels I write about. This week’s ‘challenge’ subject is history, which is right up my… Continue reading Old Memorials (Lens Artists Photo Challenge)

A Visit to Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Brandon Marsh nature reserve is an important site for wetland birds and was designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) in 1973. Since 1989 it has been managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trusts and various voluntary groups. A former sand and gravel quarry, it's located just south of Coventry in Warwickshire and has 92… Continue reading A Visit to Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Quick Stop – The Soldier on the Green

In the village of Enham in Hampshire there's a remarkable wooden statue on the edge of the village green by the roadside, depicting an injured WWI solider. The statue was carved from a fallen tree stump, and was unveiled in 2014 by Falklands war veteran Simon Weston to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the… Continue reading Quick Stop – The Soldier on the Green

Me and my longbow: aiming for the Middle Ages

We didn’t get up to too much this weekend owing to the weather and the need to drive out to Peterborough to replace our pushchair.

We DID get a chance to do some Archery however, as my rather wonderful wife explains in her blog – please do take a look.


My last two posts about Royal Hunting Forests and Outlaws have triggered a strong yearning to shoot my longbow, something I haven’t managed to do over the past few months. As the Tingewick Parish Council have kindly given us permission to set up on the village playing field, and the weather was fair yesterday morning, we seized the opportunity to shoot some arrows. And boy it felt good – a bit of archery satisfies my medieval cravings, it’s a good way to relieve stress and vent frustrations, and it’s also great fun.

I adore my longbow. It’s a thing of beauty. It was made for me by a supremely talented bowman called Steve Ralphs who crafts movie bows. He’s consulted and made bows for all kinds of productions, including Game of Thrones, Gladiator, Braveheart and Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. In fact, I’ve even been lucky enough to shoot one…

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A walk in the woods – Savernake Forest.

Greetings fellow Adventurers! If there’s one place we Templetons love to visit, it’s woodland, especially if it’s a forest. There’s something magical about wandering under the branches of trees, with the subdued quiet and the light filtering through the leaves - it makes you feel you could be at any point in time. Savernake Forest,… Continue reading A walk in the woods – Savernake Forest.