So when exactly was the Medieval Period?

Please go and take a look at my Wife’s blog on Medieval history, walking, castles., knights and adventure!  She’s only just starting out in the blogging world but she’s going to be excellent!

Later in the year she’s planning on walking along the north coast of Wales, exploring all of the great castles of Edward the 1st’s Iron ring – I can’t wait!

Historians are always arguing about when historical eras began and ended. Usually, the changeover between these periods can be aligned with a big change of some kind, be it political, economic, technological or religious. It’s generally accepted that the Middle Ages spanned around 1000 years, beginning after the Romans left in the early 5th Century. We tend to look at this millennium as made up of three parts: firstly, the Early Medieval, which covers the Saxons and the Vikings, then there’s the High Medieval which comes in during the 11th Century and the Normans (that’s when we start seeing castles) and the first Plantagenet kings, before the Late Medieval takes over during the 14th and 15th Centuries.

But when did it end? Well, there were different changes happening at different speeds all over Europe in 15th Century, such as the invention of movable type by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany in…

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