Sunday Drive – Minster Lovell Hall

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!

On Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a proper Sunday drive, just to get out the house for a few hours and get some air. We drove out to the edge of the Cotswolds and visited Minster Lovell Hall near Witney.


  • Location: Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire
  • Total distance travelled:  Approx 70 Miles
  • Total time at the wheel: 2 hours
  • Adventure rating: 1 out of 5 Crossbow Bolts.
  • Packets of square crisps eaten: 4
  • Website: English Heritage website


From English Heritage’s website:

”The picturesque ruins of Minster Lovell Hall, a 15th century Oxfordshire manor house, lie in a beautiful rural setting beside the River Windrush. They include a fine hall, tower and nearby dovecote.

Minster Lovell Hall was built in the 1430s by William, Baron of Lovell and Holand – one of the richest men in England. It was later home to Francis, Viscount Lovell, a close ally of Richard III. After several changes of hands the hall was abandoned and eventually demolished in the 18th century, leaving the extensive remains that stand today”.

There’s more history on their website if you follow the link above.



It really is a super little place to while away an hour or so (and hide a rock or two). When we were there late afternoon the sun was setting and the light was beautiful – made more so from the light showers that passed.


On the way back we drove out through the Wychwood villages (where I grew up) and Chipping Norton, a lovely little town well worth a visit.


I really recommend going for an old fashioned ‘Sunday Drive’. We do this quite often and all in all it’s a good way to spend a few hours. It’s relaxing pottering around the back roads and it’s amazing how far you can go and what you find and see.


Note: I hope you enjoyed some of the photo’s of our visit. Not the best but I’m getting better (I hope) and will always welcome comments and advice. Although this is mainly a travel blog, my lifelong interest in photography means that at some point I’m going to have to write about it! All these images were taken with my newish Canon IXUS 185 and my really old 4.1MP Nikon Coolpix 4100 – A digicam so old it actually has a viewfinder!   

Farewell my friends.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Drive – Minster Lovell Hall”

    1. Thanks – I thought they were a bit on the dark side when I took them but it was getting pretty late in the day when we got there.
      It’s a lovely place, and the Cotswolds is full of little tucked away places like this. I take it you visited places like Burford, Bourton on the Water etc?
      And thanks the for comment – much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. A bit far from where I live but looks well worth a visit. I like the last photograph best Stuart. I remember my first “proper” camera (after using camera phones for a few years) and how I discovered by accident that if you have a building or trees with a bright sky behind, and point the camera at the brightest part of the sky, you tend to get great colours there, and the foreground shapes become silhouettes. A technique I’ve used very often since then to manipulate a bit more drama into a scene!

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    1. Thanks for the comment Dan – I think that’s my favourite of the bunch as well. Taking pictures of buildings against bright sky is a challenge at the best of times but this was a bit of a weird evening.Often when I’m taking pictures for myself I’ll do what you just suggested – I really like that effect and love skyscapes anyway.

      I actually took a lot of those style shots when I was at the ruins and although I was really happy with them they didn’t show much of the actual location. It’s an interesting part of trying to write what is in effect a travel blog. Obviously as someone with a love of photography I want my pictures to look good, but I also want to show off where I am as well. I’m finding I’m having to chose what the most important feature is and expose for that.

      If nothing else I hope that doing this blog will help me grow as both a photographer and a writer – both are things I’d like to be batter at.

      Thanks again for looking in!


      1. Yes I know what you mean about the travel pics.

        I visit old churches a fair bit, and often take a shot of the whole building from the outside, or inside at one end. But these are very rarely pictures I end up sharing as they’re rather mundane. The ones I keep and share are nearly always a close up of the keys of an ancient organ or a dead fly on the windowsill…

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