A Visit to Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Brandon Marsh nature reserve is an important site for wetland birds and was designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) in 1973. Since 1989 it has been managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trusts and various voluntary groups. A former sand and gravel quarry, it’s located just south of Coventry in Warwickshire and has 92 hectares and lots of paths to explore – great for adventures!


Total distance traveled: 94 miles
Total time at the wheel: 2 hours
Packets of square crisps eaten: 8!
Website: Brandon Marsh SSSI Nature Reserve

We’ve been planning to visit Brandon for a while, ever since Alli found about it last year. Seeing blue skies this morning for the first time all week, and feeling the need for some fresh air and to get in a bit of wildlife spotting, we threw the binoculars and a bird guide into the Ratmobile and headed out.


The first stop as always was the cafe as a good cuppa was calling. Alas we had a bit of a wait for our tea and coffee due to some staffing issues, but the staff were very nice and the filter coffee I had was well worth the wait. To my mind anywhere that still sells decent filtered coffee these days deserves a special Templeton award for awesomeness.Β Anyway I digress, the upshot of the drinks delay was by the time we got out onto the reserve, the blues sky had gone to be replaced by a hail storm – thankfully short lived.


The reserve is a wonderful mix of ponds. lakes, marshes, reed beds and woodland. As we walked the winding paths through the trees and the ponds, the birds chirruped in the trees, with spring in their hearts. All the usual suspects were there, Tit’s, Finches, Robins and the ever present Pigeons, all flitting about, getting on with their business, oblivious to the interlopers below them looking up. It was a lovely sight, as was hearing our first Chiffchaff of the year, freshly back from Africa and calling for a mate (I don’t know where they get the energy after flying all that way).


Having been defeated by one path through the marshes (we could have done it with wellies!), we retreated up a beautiful side track to sit in a quiet hide and eat our lunch, a lovely Morrison’s do-it-yourself salad bowl (always good). We sat looking out over a stunning little lake and its residents, soaking in the peace.


Refuelled, we set off again and just as we reached a clearing, the heavens opened to bring down more hail! Hardy bunch that we are, we carried on walking regardless. Later the woods, marshes and ponds gave way to much bigger lakes, with more winding paths threading between them, giving lovely views of the wonderful mix of water birds that have set up home here for the summer.


There were the usual swans, geese, and ducks mixing with gulls and waders of all kinds. The Oyster Catchers made us laugh with their funny run, whilst the Cormorants, looking like throwbacks from the age of the Dinosaurs, awed us with their massive wings, drying in the sun.


The lakes were beautiful, surrounded with reed beds and sparkling in the sunlight. As we walked further along they turned into a huge wetland reed bed full (according to the information panels) of wondrous wildlife, most likely skulking in its depths. Alas we failed to catch a glimpse of an Otter or hear the boom of a Bittern, but it was enough to know they were there (probably).


The path back to the visitor centre took us through another stunning woodland with yet more promise of lovely wildlife (and another Chiffchaff) and paths to explore – we vowed to return.


In the end, cold but happy we set off for home, with only the Grumpy Positioning System trying to lower our spirits. Obviously deciding that we were ignoring it again, it threw its toy’s out of its pram and did its best to take us far out of our way – probably via Dubai. As always, we ignored it…



17 thoughts on “A Visit to Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve”

    1. hit reply before I was done…
      check out the america on coffee blog – you might like it because they coffee posts and a lot of music

      and in this post, your opening photo would make a nice magazine cover – and the closing one with the vertcial plant sin the breeze was a perfect ending photo –

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    2. lol – I’m glad you liked that comment, good filter coffee is hard to find these days with Barista style machines everywhere. don’t get me wrong, I like that style of coffee as much as the next man, but I prefer the taste of filtered. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been told ‘It’s just the same as an Americano’. My response is normally (in my head) ‘It’s blooming well not! They taste completely different, and if you don’t know that you know nothing about coffee – so I’ll have a tea instead!’ πŸ˜€
      Thanks for the link – I think I may enjoy that.

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      1. Well I sent the “America on coffee” your link too and he liked your post.

        love the “blooming” word – feels all cuiture rich.
        And I did the same thing – just have tea when the coffee is not up to par… and omg is it not all created equal – this last week we have been using the Italian stove-top makes – guests were here and wanted it out – love it but it is stronger and there is a time for it and then (as you say) a time for the regular brew…


  1. Coffee notwithstanding, it is a lovely place to go. I’d love to be back there now, so much better than pouring over Latin grammar! Great post. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! I never really think my photographs are that good so it always surprises me when people like them!
      The Grey Heron in the reeds – I think he thought we couldn’t see him skulking around after his lunch πŸ™‚

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  2. This looks a lovely spot to visit. I’ve only just come across your post as I haven’t received any notifications about your blogs and I’m not quite sure why.

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    1. Thanks Malc. It was indeed a lovely spot. I’m not sure if I can help withthe notifications – being a new press newbie. I know Alli was having the same issue on a few she follows as well… actually including mine. I’m happy to take advice if anyone has any suggestions – just in case I’ve set this site up incorrectly.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I thought I had it sussed, but I’m not sure that I have, but it doesn’t matter because I’ve set up notifications on the app which should suffice. It’s no wonder I don’t get many followers πŸ™‚

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