37 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge – ‘Weathered and Worn’”

    1. Thanks πŸ˜€
      Well – the car’s done 125,000 and this’ll be it’s fourth clutch!!! (The guy from Hyundi did tell me the clutch and gearbox was the weak point of the car).
      Thankfully it failed on the way to garage, as it also had a seized brake caliper.

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  1. I hope Ratty is back on the road soon, Stuart. He/she looks so forlorn on the back of that truck. 125000miles – now that’s mileage. I replaced the clutch on mine recently as well.

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  2. I just traded in my nerd mobile yesterday. I felt like a traitor leaving the poor little car there but I needed a fresh start and a bigger trunk! Ha, ha. On the bright side, you got a great picture!

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      1. What a cool looking Car (I had to google it) – we don’t get that model over here (I think it might be like our i30) but I wouldn’t mind one – I’m rather fond of Hyundai’s. The red sounds great – by far the best colour for a car, and great in photographs!
        Looking forward to reading about your adventures together! (I’m about a week behind on the reader actually so I need to visit and catch up – I always enjoy your blog).
        Have a great week! πŸ™‚

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      2. Awe, I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! Thank you for reading and commenting! I have driven two Hyundai Accents and loved them both. The Elantra handles well and gets good gas mileage so I’m pretty excited. Plus, it has some nice details in the design. For example, the tail lights remind me a little of wings. It’s still a Nerd Mobile but I’ve been privately thinking of it as the Winged Wanderer. Lol.

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  3. Oh that’s sad. It’s my foot that’s heavy on clutches. After replacing the clutch on my first two cars (a Renault and a Citroen) I switched to automatics, and never looked back.


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