Castles from the Air: Glorious Goodrich

Given my previous post – how could I not reblog this… (Castles AND aircraft AND my wonderful wife).

With a different hat on, I fly light aircraft, but even when committing aviation I’ll take any opportunity I can to fly over a castle. An aerial view gives a completely different perspective, and from the sky you can truly appreciate the impact these medieval masterpieces would have had on the people living anywhere near them. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy them, and you get to beat up some clouds too!

Me on Azlan.JPGAslan, my trusty steed!

I thought it would be fun to fly over a castle and then follow it up with a ground visit at the weekend ꟷ which is exactly what I’ll be doing for the final leg of my Big Castle Wander this summer ꟷ and today just such an opportunity arose. So with decent weather forecast I headed to Enstone airfield and my trusty steed, G-AZLN, otherwise known as Aslan.

Goodrich Castle is one of…

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23 thoughts on “Castles from the Air: Glorious Goodrich”

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by. um… can I say probably. It IS the Snowdon Range and there is a track up there in front of the car that we’ve walked that goes from the Hostel to an old mining building (and beyond) up in the mountains. The car park we’re parked in is the one you get to if you drive over the Pen-y-pass from Llanberis and then turn right to go down into Beddgelert.


      1. lol! I can safely say it’s never occurred to me to TRY and sleep in the car in that car park 😀 Ratty’s too small for one thing! But yes it is very steep… Fantastic view though!
        Alli say’s hi – hope the hip is healing well 😀


      2. Hi Carol, I’ve hijacked Stuart’s blog to say I think you’re amazing! You’re doing incredibly well and I’ve got so much admiration for you. Looking forward to hearing all about your 3 days running in the Lakes… wow! Please do a post about it… 🙂

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      3. Excellent – another thing I admire you for! Stuart shoots film too, so we know all about the wait, but it’s worth it. Looking forward to hearing all about it, and seeing your fab photos. 🙂


      4. Wow! That’s cool (just googled it). It looks very much like the old Zenit E I used to have – it was a great little camera before it ate it’s own shutter. Do you take all of your blog pictures with it?


    1. I wish it was ours – but alas it’s just a rental that my wife flies on a regular basis. She is however rather attached to it, partly because we used to have a wonderful cat called Aslan and partly because its a cool plane.


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