Medieval Rocks!

Greeting fellow Adventurers!

While I’m on a roll today I thought I’d share with you another little project I’m working on – my new blog and business venture; Medieval Rocks! 


I paint Medieval and Fantasy themed rocks as ornaments, paperweight, doorstops etc. and will be selling them privately and through ebay. I’ve set up a little workbench blog where I can showcase my work and blabber on about how much I enjoy painting them – I’ll probably throw in some tips and techniques too.


I also paint the occasional one and hide it somewhere medieval for someone to find. This is great fun and I love seeing peoples reactions when they find them – I mark the back thus..


So please do feel free to take a look if you’re interested, or if you know somebody who might be. If nothing else I’d really love some feedback.

Farewell my friends!


12 thoughts on “Medieval Rocks!”

  1. These are intricate! It takes a lot of artistic attention to detail to paint on something so small. I love how they are all unique. Great creations. When I was a kid, I had a “pet rock” that my grandmother painted eyeballs on.

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