Almost Wordless Wednesday…

Wordless Wednesday? It’s a photography thing right? It’s when photographers share their photos but don’t say anything about them – on a Wednesday? 

It’s a good idea, and I certainly have plenty of photos to share that don’t make the final cut – but the trouble is I like to talk too much. So how about an ‘Almost Wordless Wednesday’…

Have you ever walked along a canal towpath in the countryside?

If not you should try. They great places to stroll along and just soak up the peace and the slower pace of life. The are normally easy walking and offer wonderful views of parts of the countryside we don’t normally get to see, and best of all they often have good pubs by them, because all good boat people like a drink…

…and its amazing what delightful things you see by them.

Alli by the canal – Braunston, Warwickshire. Taken on a recent walk that will feature soon in it’s own blog post. The really amazing thing about this photo is that, having had a few glasses of wine, we hadn’t yet fallen in (yet)…

Farewell my Friends!




28 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday…”

  1. I will look forward to seeing the canal post. I read a very funny book by an American writer, Emily Kimbrough, called “And A Right Good Crew” about her adventures on a canal boat with a group of friends. I wanted to go out and try it myself but sadly never did.

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  2. I like canals, I like boats and I like a glass of wine too, but I’m not sure that I would want to be meeting similar minded people trying to negotiate those narrow stretches of water after a glass or three. I like the idea of wordless Wednesdays though 🙂


    1. Thanks Malcolm. It;’s something I’ve seen on a lot of photography blogs, and thought it might be a bit of fun.
      that’s a good point you make – I’m not sure I’d trust anyone to operate a lock after a few glasses without falling in it!

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  3. GORGEOUS picture
    glad u “hadn’t yet fallen in”
    Almost Wordless Wednesday is perfect – sometimes a photo can stand alone, but other times the reader needs a bit of info eh? Makes it more fun

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