Almost Wordless Wednesday – Rattus Templeton

Hello everyone, my name is Rattus Templeton and I’ll be joining the Templetons on their Ratmobile Adventures! After all – you can’t have a Ratmobile without a rat now can you?

My thanks goes out to Maddie Templeton for giving me to her Daddy for his birthday, I’m so excited to be part of the family!

This is me and my human Stuart having a professional discussion about the future of the blog – he stupidly thinks he’s the brains behind the operation!

Don’t forget to follow my adventures on my new blog – please pop and like, comment and subscribe. I’m a vain rat and I love the attention!



18 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday – Rattus Templeton”

      1. I’ve heard that your dad is like a rat up a drainpipe when there’s a pub around. ooops! I’ve just replied haven’t I?

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