Almost Wordless Wednesday -Ahoy!

During a recent trip to South Wales, we spent a happy few hours exploring the coastline along the Bristol Channel, collecting shells and stones, and watching the occasional boat bobbing on the sea.

Perhaps we should have flagged this one down for a quick lift to the West Country and a nice Scone?


Farewell my friends!


24 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday -Ahoy!”

  1. I’ve nothing against crossing the Bristol Channel to the West Country but I’d rather go on the SS Great Britain! Nice pic – like the purple tinge. 😉

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      1. I hope you and Nathan are going to be on your best behaviour tomorrow Stuart while the girls are away enjoying themselves. Got plenty of packets of square crisps in I presume.

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      1. Pretty much, thanks Malc. Downloaded the trail app, route ready and still trying to psyche myself up for climbing the rigging – vertigo notwithstanding! Maddie’s very excited… 🙂

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    1. Yes, I fear so. That’d be an interesting souvenir! I hope it’s not too hot as I’m not one for hot weather, and neither is Maddie. If it’s too baking we’ll have to take up being stowaways! 🙂

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