Almost Wordless Wednesday – Castles!!!

It’s been blooming ages since we last visited a castle and I have to say I’m missing them. Thankfully we’re off on our Welsh Castle Adventure next week, so my ‘low castle warning light’ will be fully recharged!

To follow our adventures and learn more about the history of these magnificent medieval structures please do go and take a look at my wife Alli’s medieval history blog – I’ll also be posting regular updates here.

In the meantime, just to keep you going, here’s a picture of the wonderful keep at Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire.


Farewell my Friends – see you in Wales!

19 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday – Castles!!!”

    1. Thanks! I’m probably just going to post one of tow pictures a day with a brief comment, with maybe some bigger posts mixed in – we’ll see how it goes. Yes it is a holiday, but I’m really enjoying writing at the moment so I shall probably carry on doing something.
      I might also take an old manual 35mm SLR with me as well just to see if I haven’t lost my touch. If the scan looks ok I’ll post them up when we get back.

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    1. Yep! We have more than enough square crisps to go around!
      I’ll looking forward to it, the blogging will add a nice dimension to it. Alas Ratty won’t be joining us and will be having a well earned rest over the holidays – so we’ll be taking Alli’s car.

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