Welsh Castle Quest Day 5 – Birds on the Beach

Greetings fellow Adventurers!

Today’s trek took us eight miles further and across a county boundary. We set off from the ‘Point of Ayr’ in Flintshire to Rhyl in Denbighshire.

Endless sands! 

The first half of the walk stretched for four miles across a vast beach to the seaside town of Prestatyn.

Me in the desert, feeling like Mad Max… (Where’s my V8 Interceptor!?!)

As we walked along the beach, we marveled at the wonderful variety of bird life around us – I can only assume that where the estuary meets the ocean a plentiful supply of food is ensured – it certainly seemed to benefit the Little Tern colony nesting behind a fenced off area.

Here are some of the characters we met along our way!

Oyster Catchers and Cormorants (or Shags) taking a rest
Assorted ‘Gulls’ – Alas I’m not very up on Gulls and I’ve left my Field Guide in Buckinghamshire D’oh! 
Lovely little Oyster Catcher – I love the noise these make
Cormorants (or Shags) having a rest!
tern 4
I think this is a Common Tern – there did seem to be a few flitting about as well


A little Tern bringing lunch back to his young! (oh no – not fish again Dad!) 
tern 5
Little Tern fishing. There were several of these lovely birds hovering above a river outlet, and now and then they would dive down into the water – presumably having eaten something 
tern 6
More fishing! 
terns 3
Little Terns on the way out from the colony. I assume they’re off to get lunch – we did try to tell the that Tesco’s was the other way but I don’t think they heard us
Another ‘Gull’ out on the lookout for ice creams and chips
gull 2
A ‘Gull’ youngster – presumably resting after pinching somebodies lunch

At Prestatyn we stopped off for a nice cold glass of wine, which was a very welcome on a hot day. And then, suitably refreshed we then set off along the brilliantly long promenade that stretched all the way along the seafront to Rhyl.

mmmmm… Mine! Very welcome after a few hours walking and birdwatching!

Until tomorrow my friends.

20 thoughts on “Welsh Castle Quest Day 5 – Birds on the Beach”

  1. I’m enjoying these blogs Stuart as they compliment Alli’s but from a different perspective – and I love that picture of the tern with the fish. Those drinks look inviting too 🙂


    1. Thanks Malc – I’m really glad you’re enjoying them. I’m also glad you think they compliment each other – that’s certainly the idea anyway.
      The Little Terns were amazing. We get a lot of Commons around MK but these were something else. They’re like little angles flitting about.
      Both these drinks were mine – and were indeed as nice as they looked. Alli also enjoyed her wine too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am not good at identifying birds. I did a quick search to see if you had Silver Gulls but the nearest I could find is your common gull but the beak and legs are a different colour. Close cousins I’d say.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Gulls can be tricky – We have several large species here that all look pretty much the same. They probably were Common Gulls, with maybe some others thrown in. When I get back home I’ll pull my books out and check.

        Liked by 1 person

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