Welsh Castle Quest Day 6 – Rhuddlan Castle!

Greetings my fellow Adventurers!

On day six of our Welsh Castle Quest we visited a lovely big castle – Rhuddlan. However I’m not going to tell you about it, I’ll leave that to my wonderful wife Alli and her brilliant medieval history blog. You can read all about our day and it’s really interesting history on her post here! (Tell her I sent you).

On the way out of the village we did notice these fellows by the road. They’re supposed to be guarding the town but I have to say they didn’t look very vigilant – they let me in after all!!!


They were carved by a local artist out of a 380 year old Oak, and are intended to mark the town’s medieval history. To me they look like they’ve had a few too many meads!

Until tomorrow my friends!

8 thoughts on “Welsh Castle Quest Day 6 – Rhuddlan Castle!”

  1. I loved this unexpected treat. They do look chilled – probably a lot cooler than I was that day! It reminds you that they did actually get some time off back then. 🙂


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