Welsh Castle Quest Day 9 – Castles, Conwy and Cameras!

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!

Today we visited Conwy Castle and the fortified small town that surrounds it. The castle itself is stunning and a fascinating place wander around – but I’ll let my wife tell you all our visit on her upcoming blog post here.

castle 1

Once we finished at the castle we walked out of the town to continue our Quest. Off around the headland that leads from Conwy Bay to the Menai Strights and onwards to more adventures!

On the way out of town we saw this little house – officially the smallest and probably most photographed in the whole of the UK.

castle 3

Camera Quest.

Over the past few months I’ve been admiring the wonderful photography on ‘The Adventures of a Mountain Coward’ blog – all taken with an old manual Zenit film camera. Thusly inspired – I’ve brought my old 1970’s Olympus 35RC Rangefinder camera on holiday with me – an a few rolls of my favourite film. The intention is to take a few pictures whilst I’m here and get the films developed when I get home – once I get the scans back I’ll share some here. It’s been a while since I shot a fully manual camera so wish me luck.

castle 2

Until tomorrow my Friends!



16 thoughts on “Welsh Castle Quest Day 9 – Castles, Conwy and Cameras!”

  1. I remember visiting Conwy Castle as a child. The old Olympus is in better shape than any of mine apart from the newest which is less than two months old and hasn’t had much abuse yet.

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    1. Thanks! I used to pretty good with an all manual but it’s been a few years now. I actually wanted to bring my old Canon F-1 but alas didn’t have any room in my bag for it.
      Good luck with yours! What have you got?


  2. I know the castle is above ground, but looking down into it I’m reminded of the kivas at Chaco Canyon in Arizona. Congratulations on using your Olympus camera. I haven’t dragged my Contax RTS out and shot film in years.

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    1. It is pretty much like a canyon – the place is huge! Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
      The little Olympus is a great camera – I’m looking forward to seeing what I get out of it!


  3. We used to have a couple of Zenits back in the late eighties, early nineties, very heavy camera’s, solid like a brick but they didn’t take a bad photo. I think hubby had an Olympus Rangefinder too. He loved old cameras and liked to put a roll of film through any old ones he bought to see what they were like.

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