Welsh Castle Quest Day 10 – Pengu… Pelica… Potato… PUFFIN Island!

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!

Today we continued our walk between Conwy and Caernarfon, and logged up a pretty respectable double digit mileage.


Lovely day for it!


One of the things we noticed along the way was a large island to one side of Anglesey.

Puffin Island as we first noticed it

Puffin island or Ynys Seiriol in Welsh, is an uninhabited private island of about 69 acres and was formerly known as Priestholm in English and Ynys Lannog in Welsh. A hermitage was established there in the 6th century and there are remains of a 12th-century monastery as well.

Side on view – you can make out some sort of building on the top

It seems to have quite an interesting history, a bit of which ties into our Castle Quest in a small way. Apparently Llywelyn the Great, grandfather of the ap Gruffudd brothers (as regularly mentioned in my wife’s blog) issued two charters in 1221 and 1237 giving the island and its estate to the Catholic Church in Anglesey.

The remains of Saint Seiriol are also said to be buried there.

From the other side of the mouth of the Menai Straits – as you can see the tide was most definitely out! 

It would appear that the island is closed to the public, but there are regular boat trips out there to see the wildlife. Personally I think it would be great to sneak onto it and see the abbey – a fair bit of which is said to remain intact. Seeing the bird life close up would also be wonderful obviously, however they’re probably best left in peace.

Near the end of our walk – lots of mud and Gulls in the foreground – mind you, it WAS a nature reserve

There is also a lovely little lighthouse the other side of the bay from the island – which might be worth a look when we get on to Anglesey.

The lighthouse across the bay from the island – as you can see, it does get rather shallow! 
Trwyn Du Lighthouse – loooooong lens! 


The island is also a Special Protection Area for wildlife with a large variety of Seabirds nesting there – including over 750 pairs of Great Cormorants, or 10% of the UK’s breading pairs.

These aren’t from the island, but they were lovely to see none the less.

A Lesser or Great Black Backed Gull (it was too far to be sure). The first one I’ve seen on our walks thus far!
A little Egret. A lovely little bird that, in the 16 years I’ve been into birdwatching, seems to have gone from being ultra rare in the UK to getting quite common in places. It’s wonderful to see. I need to update my field guide though. It still shows them not in the UK!

Seems to be a fascinating place – If only I could remember what its name is!

Until tomorrow my Friends!

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