Almost Wordless Wednesday – Finding Breakfast

Whilst dropping my daughter off at her sailing class this morning, I noticed this chap standing on the pontoon – I assume he’s after his breakfast.

Not fancying fish – I declined his offer to join him and went for a coffee…


Not the best photo I’ve ever taken, but I took it with the latest addition to my camera collection – a classic Canon 3.1MP D30. Released in 2001 and costing over $3000, it was Canon’s first home brewed digital SLR and it certainly is a strange beast – the controls are so basic it’s more like shooting a film camera than an DLSR.

I’m hoping to get to grips with it over the next few months, but first off I need to give the sensor a through cleaning!

Farewell my friends!

7 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday – Finding Breakfast”

  1. well Stuart – the photo reminds me of something I would see in one of my 1980s photography books –
    and then to read your post (almost wordless) I liked the back story –
    and hope you have fun exploring the nice camera.
    — the photo is also extra nice because of the composition
    the way the lines ripple and the “V” just out right to left and then our little friend (who might have went to coffee if you had asked – jk) well adds a curvy vertical to contrast the horizontals in the water and the V shape
    then the dark back section gives us depth – really nice shot to stand alone in a post

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