Sunday Drive/Walk: Brinklow Castle, Warwickshire

Greetings my Fellow Adventurers!

It’s been so long since I wrote one of my ‘Sunday Drive’ posts (May in fact) that I’d forgotten I was actually writing them! So I thought it was high time I resurrected the series – the idea being that they give me an outlet to share some of our shorter adventures.


As it was the 1st of September and the official first day of Autumn, last Sunday saw us marking the occasion – not by going for a drive, but for a lovely walk around the village of Brinklow and the rolling Warwickshire countryside.

At only six miles, This relatively short walk is one of my favourites – it feels like a real adventure. Starting off in the magnificent earthworks of the Norman Brinkow Castle, it takes you along quiet country lanes, along canals, across fields, over and under a railway and through a Culvert and ending, as you might have guessed, in a rather nice little pub. Tt really feels as though you’ve been on a journey!

Starting off in style, the walk begins by crossing the castle earthworks and around the massive mound of Brinklow castle. Built sometime in the 11th century after the Norman invasion – this is a proper Motte and Bailey castle! 
Down a quiet backroad – I wonder how many people cross this bridge without even noticing it or wondering what lies beneath… 
…which is this – The Oxford Canal (just under the bridge) – the pathway to adventure! 
The first mile or so of the canal and towpath are through a very wooded area… 
…which then opens out into lovely fields. 
Eventually we reach bridge number 37. Next we have to go under and then up and over to get to some fields to our left. 
Nathan trail-blazing the way across the fields (we were following a footpath – honest!) towards the first railway crossing. 
The first railway crossing.
On the homeward leg – this is my favourite view/stage of the whole walk – you can see the path ahead of us, it’s the green line that passed to the right of those trees.
I do REALLY like this part of the walk! 
The way through the woods – After coming down from that view, the walk weaves in and out of a lovely little woodland
Crossing more fields – back towards the train track…
…which this time we pass under! 
And after a few more fields we head through a Culvert that passes UNDER the Canal! 
Almost there – the last bridge back into the village! 
After-walk drinks – no wine for once – guess which one’s mine! (clue – I didn’t end up with a blue tongue!) 

Once we got back to Ratty and deposited the kiddies in it, Alli and I went for another quick mooch around the castle before it got dark.

The impressive castle earthworks – although no picture I took did them justice. Brinklow is quite interesting in that it had two baileys rather than the usual one. The extra defences probably say a lot about the local populace – scallywags! 


Farewell my Friends!

P.S – If you fancy doing following in our footsteps, get yourself a copy of this book – it’s walk number 3.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Drive/Walk: Brinklow Castle, Warwickshire”

  1. That’s a lovely stroll. I liked how you got to go through the culvert and was wondering if it had a footpath on the side, or if you had to put on your galoshes and get wet! Looks like you were able to get through on a small elevated platform. Thanks for taking us along through the countryside. I’ll take an orange juice, please.

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      1. (Just had to google Sam Knight) that is an amazing achievement by your Son – right up there in the traditions of Don Allum. Kind of puts driving around in a car to shame somewhat. I’ll tell my Daughter about it – she’s learning to sail and aims to be a Maritime Historian.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi – enjoyed this post the other day and came while logged in to comment

    and the lines in the photo of the first railway crossing are cool – that photo is my fav here for the way the lines feel – and the history adds to it – but it is the elements
    and the last foot bridge – what a cool bridge and nice way to lead us up to the beverages…

    Liked by 1 person

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