A Day by the Sea

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!

What with one thing and another, we’ve not had the chance to take Ratty out for an adventure drive over the summer, but thankfully last Saturday we were able to change that. Heading south, we visited Portchester Castle (near Portsmouth) followed by a few hours at Stokes bay near Gosport.


Our last visit to Portchester was back in February. It’s a fabulous little castle and Alli and I both wrote posts detailing our visit and the castles history at the time, so please do take a look at them if you fancy learning more.


Alli’s blog (much better than mine!):


Having more daylight to play with than last time, after we left the castle, we were able to spend a lot more time at the beach (much to Maddie’s delight). Having had quite an energetic visit to the castle, we started our visit by plonking ourselves down on the shingle bay by the Gosport and Fareham lifeboat station and having a good rest, making the most of the sea air and nice weather.


We followed our rest by walking along the seafront and enjoying the views over the Solent to the Isle of Wight. We were surprised by how much more shipping activity there appeared to be than during our last visit back in the winter. It did, however, give me ample opportunities to take photos.

The Gosport Lifeboat on it’s way back…
It was very interesting to see it being brought ashore!
There were a fair few commercial ships sailing past, and a lot of yachts!  
…and many a ferry!
You don’t always need an engine to have fun… 
…or even a boat! We were impressed by these hardy swimmers.

After our walk, we nipped down the road to visit the ‘Lee on Solent Fish and Chippy’, an awarding winning chip shop recommended to us by Maddie’s sailing instructor. The food was, indeed, very good and I’m in no doubt we’ll be back soon for more. It certainly fuelled us up for the long drive home!


Farewell my friends…

31 thoughts on “A Day by the Sea”

    1. Yes it did look lie a lot of fun. I don’t know how powerful it’s engines were but they were huge!

      It was a great day trip and worth doing as we live about as far away from the sea as it’s possible to get – but nothing like were you live. You have my sympathies 😀 Mind you, I’m sure living in a desert also has it’s advantages.


      1. You don’t need a dark room as such – you can get a special light free bag that you can use to load the film into the developing tank, which is light free as well. You can then develop the film in the tank in normal light. Then you can scan the negatives.

        You only really need a dark room if you’re going to do prints.

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      2. Well I was mixed on the show – the 1980s flashbacks were fantastic – the details like kitchen items – tech – clothes – so good.
        Writing was good – acting was excellent –
        But too many long sex scenes – which I know “sells” and helps viewer numbers (just does – eh?) but some of those scenes I guess were true to life because spies do use the sex angle to bond with victims – but some of the details were too much for moi and thankfully tech today allows us to easy fast forward
        however – I heard that when they were wrapping up the series – they had a final two year contract and I think this helped the show because the detailed sex scenes went down and more time seemed to go to plot and story – maybe because they show was on its closing loop there was less pressure to sex it up- or not.

        But the dark room scenes were cool –


  1. oh and one more thing – now dear Stuart – we don’t say “better than” when referring to blogs — (wink…)
    we cannot use comparative and superlative adjectives with blogs because all blogs are SO different – so one os not better than – just diverse – right? (but you are so kind to love and support your wife’s blog – and it is awesome –
    and you know I follow both of you – and you each have your own flair and flavor)

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