Happy Birthday Maddie – you’re old enough to drive a tractor now!

Alli and I just wanted to wish a happy 16th Birthday to our wonderful daughter Maddie, and we both really hope you enjoy your day – you’re only 16 once!

As you can see she’s always been adventurous …

Aged 4 at Stowe Landscape Gardens – something was obviously very exciting! 

As most of you have probably guessed, she loves tall-ships, pirates and anything to do with the the sea. She is also finishing up her grade 3 youth sailing certificate, and after her GCSE’s next year is planning on following in Alli’s footsteps and aims to study History at university. Ultimately she wants to be a Maritime Historian.

Maddie 15.JPG
Her she is in her natural element with her sailing instructor, Graham. He’s really proud of her and is already lining her up as an instructor next year! 

We are both really really proud of you and hope that your future is full of happiness and lots of adventures!

No matter what we’ll always be here!

Happy Birthday! 

Maddie 3
Looking towards the future! 

19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Maddie – you’re old enough to drive a tractor now!”

  1. How lovely! What great pics and love how proud you are of her accomplishments. Much more to come too! I love the sea as well. Water is life. Happy Birthday, Maddie!
    (We’re in the midst of birthday-palooza here too! Today is the hubs’. Yay September birthdays — almost as good as June’s 😜)

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  2. Well said. She’s grown into an amazing young woman. Here’s to her great future in maritime history and tall ship sailing. Happy Birthday, Maddie. We love you. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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