We went to a CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!

What a fantastic day – for the first time since January, my wife Alli and I finally had a chance to visit a Castle!!!

The wonderful 12th Century Keep – Alli’s favourite part of the castle, and with good reason

We took a trip to Kenilworth in Warwickshire, partly just for the hell of it, and partly to scout out what ‘social distancing’ measures were in place.

It was awesome to be there again, to have a cuppa from the tea rooms (I actually had my first Latte in 6 months!) and walk around the ruins and soak up the history, even in the drizzle (which thankfully made it lovely and quiet).

Alli X
Alli enjoying a read through the guidebook after a nice lunch. The tea rooms are rather impressive being in the former Tudor (boo!) stables

Kenilworth has some fantastic stories and is a very important castle in our history – I’m sure Alli will write a post about it before too long, so watch out for that.

Inside the Keep – as you can see there was a bit of rain

The one-way system that had been put in place wasn’t too bad (they did pretty well keeping it as openly-accessible as possible) although some areas had been closed off due to ‘pinch points’…

…We may or may not have had a quick peek around the corner of one…

keep 3
Looking back through the Great Hall to the Keep

It really was a massive tonic, as was getting to spend some time with Alli again, sans Children. I think even Ratty enjoyed the blast up the motorway!

Farewell my friends.



28 thoughts on “We went to a CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. At last. At bl**dy last! I’ve missed my castles so much. A truly fabulous afternoon, even more so because of the weather – it makes it so much more atmospheric. Trouble is, I want to go back again tomorrow now and do it all again. Here’s to a small, but perfect dose of near-normality, and here’s to castles everywhere. πŸ™‚

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      1. πŸ˜€ lol – I’ve not quite got to 70’s length either – yet. Actually it is a few inches longer than I’d like but one of the advantages of having long hair is that nobody notices if you haven’t had it cut for a few months!

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    1. lol! πŸ˜€ It is a great castle, and probably worth the entrance fee but we’re members so it was free πŸ˜€ EH membership is pretty worthwhile if you go to a lot of these sorts of places.


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