A Stroll around Tusmore Park

Greetings Fellow Adventurers!

During this year of turmoil, there have been a few places close by that have helped keep us sane. One of those is Tusmore Park near Bicester in Oxfordshire.


To give a bit of historical background – There has been a settlement at Tusmore since the Saxon period, and it was even mentioned in the Doomsday book. However the village, already the poorest in the Ploughley hundred, was decimated by the Black Death and then later abandoned. The empty land was finally turned over to grazing and parkland in the 1400s by the then owner Sir Roger de Cotesford, and it has remained this way to this day.

There have been a number of large manor houses built at Tusmore. The current was built in 2000 by it’s owner Wafic Rida Saïd, after pulling down the previous house built in the 1960’s by the 2nd Baron of Bicester.

(Image borrowed from Wikipedia). This is the current and forth large manor house to be built at Tusmore park – I can’t say I’m a fan but it certainly makes a statement

The walk we follow starts in the little village of Hardwick just on the edge of the parkland. Its a relativity short stroll of around 2.5 miles and takes us across fields, through woodland, the parkland and around a lovely dirt road seemingly straight out of the middle ages.

Going back a few months, we were lucky enough to walk through glorious purple fields, as the Flax-seed flowers were in bloom…
Asides from the Flax flowers – there were a lot of Poppies dotted about
It really was a sea of purple!
Once you’re through the woodland, you enter this avenue of trees leading across the park…
…where the locals keep a watchful eye on you!
The parkland you walk through is really lovely, with a lot of matures trees
Facing the house across the park is a large obelisk, It was built to in 2012 to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
There are sheep in them there trees!
Speaking of trees, as you cross back across the parkland you’ll notice a lot of wonderful looking examples
Once you cross back over the parkland, the walk follows a wonderful dirt track leading back towards the village
A close up view of the Obelisk
More lovely landscape on the way back
The dirt road has a wonderful meandering feel to it
Crossing the last few fields leading back to Hardwick
Looking back along the way we came, that giant hedgerow was fun to walk through
Walking through a newly planted wood – someone has recently planted hundreds of saplings around the edge of the park
Down a final footpath and back into the village

Tusmore park is a great place for a short stroll, it’s one of those walks that feels longer than it actually is, mainly due to all the lovely little ‘areas’ you wander through. If you happen to be around Bicester and have spare hour or so, I’d recommend it!

Farewell my Friends!

19 thoughts on “A Stroll around Tusmore Park”

  1. It’s good to see you blogging again Stuart – and what a smashing walk this looks. All those lovely trees, purple fields and animals that can tell that you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Still got my fingers crossed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank goodness for Tusmore! It was a little haven amid all the chaos. Great post, and those are superb photos – they show the place at its best. Time we went back again. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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