A Moody Visit to Minster Lovell Hall

Greetings my Fellow Adventurers!

Following my wife’s rather excellent post on the history of Minster Lovell Hall a few months ago, we decided it was high time for another visit – and what a atmospheric visit it was, with heavy skies, rain, wind and the occasional ray of sunshine all helping to create a very memorable half term afternoon.

The spooky frontage of Minster Lovell Hall – The lower floor of the chapel building is in the foreground, with the towering remains of the great hall behind.
  • Location: Minster Lovell Hall, near Witney Oxfordshire
  • Distance Travelled: 60 miles
  • Time Taken: 50 min’s each way
  • Map: (Click on the link for Google maps)
  • Click here for my previous post from last year!

While we were there I took the opportunity to have a play with some gradient filters on my camera. I’m talking actual physical filters here – not apps or electotrickery. I’m pretty new to using them, but I’m so glad I had them on me to help capture a the ‘mood’ of the ruins as we explored them – the light was almost sepia!

Follow me and I’ll show you around…

The entrance to the Hall is the only area that still has its roof on, along with a wonderfully ornate arched ceiling. Beyond this passageway is the Great Hall and screens passage (Sadly I neglected to take a picture of the great hall – Whoops! – I’ll let you imagine a medieval great hall for yourselves).
After walking through the entrance you come to the screens passage, looking left you can see the area that would possibly have contained a bakery or buttery…
…beyond that is the beautiful countryside of the Windrush Valley.
After continuing along the screens passage, you get a view of what would have been the kitchen (on the left – note the circular well) and stables.
Turning right, you can look back down the length of the Great Hall in what would have been a corridor leading to a stairwell. The Pentise and Northwest building are in front of you.
Walking down the length of the corridor you reach another doorway leading to Great Hall (this would have actually been the entrance to the stair well from the hall). Looking through it can see through to the chapel building on the far side – the chapel itself was upstairs.
The remaining end wall of the Northwest building, seen here during a brief spell of sunshine! Originally the Solar and the Northwest Tower, this was the last building on the site that was occupied, having been turned into a barn in the 18th century. Following it’s collapse (that’s what happens when you cut a large door in a supporting wall!) it was converted into a small cottage that was occupied until the ruins were passed to English Heritage in 1935.
Looking back the way we came, you can see a 2nd well in the foreground, along with the Pentise (a lean-to building or covered passage) on the left.
Off to your right, you can see all that remains of the West Wing and the Southwest Tower beyond it. It was this tower that Richard III slept in during a visit to his best friend Francis Lovell in 1483 – this is Alli’s favourite part of Minster Lovell Hall for this reason (Long Live the King!).
What remains of the Southwest Tower – Richard’s room would have been the one on the top floor. The remains of the Oriel window can be seen on the top left – it’s amazing to think that he could have sat it looking out over the River Windrush.
The River Windrush, seen here through one of the narrow windows in the Southwest Tower, flows alongside the southern edge of the ruins.

Whilst we were exploring the tower, the heavens opened with a mighty deluge, followed almost immediately by blue sky and bright sunshine – it lead to the most wonderful rainbow!

A stunning and very appropriate end to our little tour – I hope you enjoyed it!
Seeing this we quickly ran back into the hall to find the pot of gold, but alas it was gone – Perhaps the ghost of Viscount Francis Lovell beat us to it?
Whatever it was, certainly something scared the local inhabitants!

Thanks to the wonderful weather, we had a fabulously moody and atmospheric wander around the ruins and I’m pretty certain we’ll be back for more – bring on the rain!

Farewell my friends & have a happy Halloween tomorrow!

28 thoughts on “A Moody Visit to Minster Lovell Hall”

  1. Stuart! I was just thinking about you today and wondering how your family has been doing.

    Thanks for the tour! Love the pictures but am especially taken with all those corridors and doorways and the way you used them as frames.

    It’s fabulous to have a story from you tonight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Brandi, you’re more than welcome – I thought it was high time I posted something. I’m glad you liked the photos – I quite enjoy using doors and windows as frames.

      We’re all fine thanks, all things considered. I’m certainly enjoying my new life as a Freelancer. I hope all is well with you an Scout 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks John! It was a good day for black and white as the colours were very flat! Glad to hear you’ve been there – it’s a great place. It still makes me laugh that I grew up down the road and didn’t know it was there!

      Liked by 1 person

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