Hello fellow Explorers! 


My name is Stuart Templeton and I welcome you to Ratmobile Adventures, a blog about the things my family and I get up to as we explore Britain in our small car.

I’m a keen (if not very talented) history buff, walker, photographer and budding travel writer. Most of all though I love getting out and seeing the world with my wife and children. I hate wasting the weekends stuck in the house and doing housework. In fact my car isn’t very often parked on the driveway, it’s much more likely to be out on the road taking us on a journey.

Ratty in the woods – awaiting his next call to adventure!

I see owning a car, even a small one, as a blessing rather than a burden. It constantly amazes me that after all of the expense that owning a car entails, people only ever seem to use them to do the school run, perform errands or go to work, when in actual fact it gives us the potential to see so much more than the local supermarket. Instead they allow us to break the bonds of our homes and get out in the countryside to explore and have adventures – even small ones!

This is a beautiful and varied country with a deep and rich heritage. There is a wealth of interesting things to see and do all around us – mostly for not very much in the way of expense. All that’s needed is a bit of imagination and the willingness to put in a few hours driving.

Within a couple of hours from where I live I could soon be transported back to the magical middle ages, be a Knight in a stunning castle such as Goodrich near Ross on Wye, be a Stone age warrior in Avebury or even one of Robin Hoods Merry Men in Sherwood Forest. I could visit the South Coast, go to Wales, the Cotswolds or even the Peak District and North Yorkshire. I could put on my walking boots and explore the thousands of miles of public footpaths we have free access to, and in the process see the world in a way you never see from a car…

…It’s all out there.

By writing this blog I’m hoping that I might inspire people to get out, to use their imagination and find their own adventures.

It’s really not that hard.