Almost Wordless Wednesday – Those Magnificent Men (& Women)…

Greeting Fellow Adventurers! Do you ever look up when you see one of those little light aircraft fly overhead and wonder where they're going and what adventures they're having? Ratplane Adventures maybe? ''Those magnificent men in their flying machines. They go up, tiddly, up, up. They go down, tiddly, down, down. They enchant all the… Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday – Those Magnificent Men (& Women)…

Welsh Castle Quest Day 3 – Down by the Sea!

Greetings my fellow Adventurers! After yesterday's long walk, we spent a day exploring for a rest. We stopped off at a couple of historic monuments (more on those later) and then drove to a few stops up the coast. We had a closer look at the top of the Dee River again, and then Talacre… Continue reading Welsh Castle Quest Day 3 – Down by the Sea!

Midland Air Museum – Revisited!

Greetings my fellow Adventurers!  (Apologies for being quiet of late (both here and on the Reader), June turned out to be a very busy month and, thanks to the insane amount of rain we had, we didn't get out adventuring much either) Back in April I wrote a post about my local aviation museum -… Continue reading Midland Air Museum – Revisited!

Sunday Drive – Midland Air Museum

Back in February, on a wet and cloudy day (in fact much like today), we took a Sunday drive up to Coventry Airport to visit the Midland Air Museum. This is a really great little place to visit, and I'll do a more in depth post on it later in the year when I can… Continue reading Sunday Drive – Midland Air Museum