We went to a CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings Fellow Adventurers! What a fantastic day - for the first time since January, my wife Alli and I finally had a chance to visit a Castle!!! We took a trip to Kenilworth in Warwickshire, partly just for the hell of it, and partly to scout out what 'social distancing' measures were in place. It… Continue reading We went to a CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!

A Day by the Sea

Greetings Fellow Adventurers! What with one thing and another, we’ve not had the chance to take Ratty out for an adventure drive over the summer, but thankfully last Saturday we were able to change that. Heading south, we visited Portchester Castle (near Portsmouth) followed by a few hours at Stokes bay near Gosport. Our last… Continue reading A Day by the Sea

Sunday Drive/Walk: Brinklow Castle, Warwickshire

Greetings my Fellow Adventurers! It's been so long since I wrote one of my 'Sunday Drive' posts (May in fact) that I'd forgotten I was actually writing them! So I thought it was high time I resurrected the series - the idea being that they give me an outlet to share some of our shorter… Continue reading Sunday Drive/Walk: Brinklow Castle, Warwickshire

Welsh Castle Quest day 12 – Caernarfon Castle

Greetings Fellow Adventurers! Today we finished off our walk from Conwy to Caernarfon, and finished with a visit to the magnificent Caernarfon Castle. For a fuller report on what we got up to - my wife has written another of her excellent posts about it here! As it stands we had a nice last yomp along… Continue reading Welsh Castle Quest day 12 – Caernarfon Castle

Welsh Castle Quest Day 9 – Castles, Conwy and Cameras!

Greetings Fellow Adventurers! Today we visited Conwy Castle and the fortified small town that surrounds it. The castle itself is stunning and a fascinating place wander around - but I'll let my wife tell you all our visit on her upcoming blog post here. Once we finished at the castle we walked out of the… Continue reading Welsh Castle Quest Day 9 – Castles, Conwy and Cameras!

Almost Wordless Wednesday – Castles!!!

It's been blooming ages since we last visited a castle and I have to say I'm missing them. Thankfully we're off on our Welsh Castle Adventure next week, so my 'low castle warning light' will be fully recharged! To follow our adventures and learn more about the history of these magnificent medieval structures please do… Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday – Castles!!!

A Welsh Christmas Adventure

Greetings fellow Adventurers! Join me for a quick flashback to the Christmas holidays just gone, when we took the Ratmobile on a Welsh mountain adventure. As some of you may already know, my wife Alli intends to follow in the footsteps of King Edward I later this year, by walking his invasion route along the… Continue reading A Welsh Christmas Adventure

An Easter Adventure in North Yorkshire – Day 2.

Welcome back! After the previous day's adventures we got out not so bright or early... In an attempt to avoid the bank holiday crowds heading to the seaside and the moors (Scarborough was due to be the busiest seaside town in England, apparently), we drove inland to the lovely little town of Richmond set halfway… Continue reading An Easter Adventure in North Yorkshire – Day 2.