Bluebells in the Wood!

Greetings Fellow Adventurers If you're lucky enough to live near some woods, the Bluebells are out in force this year! Simple stunning, although I still don't understand why they're called Bluebells, they're obviously PURPLE!!!! (My wife approves!) I think they need a better PR company. Farewell my friends and stay safe!

Welsh Castle Quest Day 11 – Up in the Mountains!

Greetings my fellow Adventurers! After completing another leg of our walk today, we took a drive up through the mountains of Snowdonia before going back to our cottage. As we drove further up the mountain road the gathering clouds opened in a torrential downpour that had me pulling on raincoat every time I wanted to… Continue reading Welsh Castle Quest Day 11 – Up in the Mountains!

A Visit to Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

Brandon Marsh nature reserve is an important site for wetland birds and was designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) in 1973. Since 1989 it has been managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trusts and various voluntary groups. A former sand and gravel quarry, it's located just south of Coventry in Warwickshire and has 92… Continue reading A Visit to Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve