‘Keep Calm and Build a Model’

Greeting my Fellow Adventurers!

Whilst we’re all stuck at home during these ‘interesting times’, and therefore unable to get out and have some adventures, might I suggest something to keep you busy!


Mediocre Models

Greetings Fellow Modellers!

During this highly unusual time of ‘Staying at Home‘ and ‘Keeping Safe‘, what better way could there be to pass the time* than digging that long forgotten Airfix kit out of the attic**, getting a tube of glue, some brushes and paint, rolling out newspaper on the kitchen table, turning the clock back to the 1980’s (showing my age here) and building a scale model!


Over the next few posts I’m going to put up some thoughts for basic tools and methods, review a kit or two and share some of my own work in progress. All with the aim of helping someone new or returning to this wonderful hobby get into it.

I’m also going to add a page up with some links to various websites and forums where you’ll be able to get the stuff and help you need.

So welcome…

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