On this day – Happy Birthday Nelson!

Ahoy there Fellow Adventurers! Welcome to another quick installment of the 'Maddie Templeton's Maritime History' series. On this day in 1758 an English national hero was born, none other than Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson (1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronté) - Yes him, that bloke off the column! An outstanding sailor and commander, he is most remembered… Continue reading On this day – Happy Birthday Nelson!

Almost Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Colours

Greetings Fellow Adventurers! Its that time of year again, where the trees around us burst into a kaleidoscope of colour and everywhere is covered in falling leaves. With the changes come a promise of a wonderful Autumn and Winter to follow with dark evenings, cosy fires, woolly hats, mists and mellow fruitfulness - Fantastic! Personally… Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Colours

Happy Birthday Maddie – you’re old enough to drive a tractor now!

Alli and I just wanted to wish a happy 16th Birthday to our wonderful daughter Maddie, and we both really hope you enjoy your day - you're only 16 once! As you can see she's always been adventurous ... As most of you have probably guessed, she loves tall-ships, pirates and anything to do with… Continue reading Happy Birthday Maddie – you’re old enough to drive a tractor now!

A Day by the Sea

Greetings Fellow Adventurers! What with one thing and another, we’ve not had the chance to take Ratty out for an adventure drive over the summer, but thankfully last Saturday we were able to change that. Heading south, we visited Portchester Castle (near Portsmouth) followed by a few hours at Stokes bay near Gosport. Our last… Continue reading A Day by the Sea

Sunday Drive/Walk: Brinklow Castle, Warwickshire

Greetings my Fellow Adventurers! It's been so long since I wrote one of my 'Sunday Drive' posts (May in fact) that I'd forgotten I was actually writing them! So I thought it was high time I resurrected the series - the idea being that they give me an outlet to share some of our shorter… Continue reading Sunday Drive/Walk: Brinklow Castle, Warwickshire

Almost Wordless Wednesday – Those Magnificent Men (& Women)…

Greeting Fellow Adventurers! Do you ever look up when you see one of those little light aircraft fly overhead and wonder where they're going and what adventures they're having? Ratplane Adventures maybe? ''Those magnificent men in their flying machines. They go up, tiddly, up, up. They go down, tiddly, down, down. They enchant all the… Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday – Those Magnificent Men (& Women)…

A walk in the Woods with the Ancients…

Greetings my Fellow Adventurers! The other weekend Alli and I did a wonderful long walk across the Chiltern countryside from the little Buckinghamshire town of Wendover. As a guide, we used the Chiltern Society's book: ‘50 Great walks in the Chilterns’. As I’ve mentioned before, these walking books are a great idea if you want… Continue reading A walk in the Woods with the Ancients…

Almost Wordless Wednesday – Finding Breakfast

Whilst dropping my daughter off at her sailing class this morning, I noticed this chap standing on the pontoon - I assume he's after his breakfast. Not fancying fish - I declined his offer to join him and went for a coffee... Not the best photo I've ever taken, but I took it with the… Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday – Finding Breakfast