Almost Wordless Wednesday…

Wordless Wednesday? It's a photography thing right? It's when photographers share their photos but don't say anything about them? It's a good idea, and I certainly have plenty of photos to share that don't make the final cut - but the trouble is I like to talk too much. So how about an 'Almost Wordless Wednesday'?… Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday…

Sund… er, Bank Holiday Monday Drive – Shabbington Woods

Greetings fellow Adventurers! The other week we took advantage of a the lovely bank holiday weather, and ventured out to investigate Shabbington Woods near Thame, one of the last surviving areas of the once vast royal hunting forest of Bernwood. At over 400 square kilometers at it's peak, Bernwood must have been a very impressive… Continue reading Sund… er, Bank Holiday Monday Drive – Shabbington Woods

An Easter Adventure in North Yorkshire – Day 2.

Welcome back! After the previous day's adventures we got out not so bright or early... In an attempt to avoid the bank holiday crowds heading to the seaside and the moors (Scarborough was due to be the busiest seaside town in England, apparently), we drove inland to the lovely little town of Richmond set halfway… Continue reading An Easter Adventure in North Yorkshire – Day 2.

An Easter Adventure in North Yorkshire – Day 1.

Greetings Fellow Adventurers! This Easter, deciding we needed to get out of the house for a few days during the school holidays, we took a trip up north to visit some of our favourite places - York, and North Yorkshire. Location: Up tut North Total distance traveled: Approx 600 miles Total time at the wheel:… Continue reading An Easter Adventure in North Yorkshire – Day 1.

A Tale of 3 1/2 Churches (and a Pub!)

Having been inspired by the interest in the post I wrote about going to church, last week's Sunday drive found us exploring some of the beautiful churches to be found in our local area. Red Car, blue sky, green grass, yellow flowers... lovely colours. Who'd have thought a few hours later it'd be snowing!  With… Continue reading A Tale of 3 1/2 Churches (and a Pub!)

A walk in the woods – Savernake Forest.

Greetings fellow Adventurers! If there’s one place we Templetons love to visit, it’s woodland, especially if it’s a forest. There’s something magical about wandering under the branches of trees, with the subdued quiet and the light filtering through the leaves - it makes you feel you could be at any point in time. Savernake Forest,… Continue reading A walk in the woods – Savernake Forest.